Review – Bosco Pizzeria, Whiteladies Road



We love to travel to Italy for our holidays and for us the best part is always the amazing pizza.  We just love the thin crispy bases and Italian meats and cheeses, they just taste so much nicer when you are there.  I suppose the main difference in Italy is that they are always cooked in a wood burning stove, this way of cooking makes such a difference to the taste and texture of the base, once you’ve had it this way you will never look at pizza the same way again!   When I heard about Bosco pizzeria having a wood burning stove and how authentic the pizzas are I couldn’t wait to give it a try.

We got to the restaurant without booking at 1pm on a Saturday.  It’s quite a good size venue with plenty of tables available.  I love that it has an open front letting lots of sun and light in, great for a lovely sunny day.  The pizza kitchen is open plan so you can sit at your table and watch the chef preparing and cooking your pizza for you.


We ordered a bowl of olives £3.50 and espressos while we deliberated about what pizzas to have, the olives were really nice, served plain not stuffed with anything, ideally I would have liked a bit of chili but there didn’t seem to be an option for that. Nevertheless, we ate them and we really enjoyed them.  The service was good and the staff were very friendly and attentive without being OTT I loved that they brought a bottle of water to the table as soon as you sit down, I find little things like that make a big difference for me.


I decided to go for the Queen green pizza which has all the things I love, spinach, pine nuts and pesto with mozzarella cheese and sheep’s milk Ricotta.  It was £12.  Steffen, my husband opted for the Emilia which came with Italian sausage, mozzarella, roasted red peppers and breadcrumbs. It was £11.  I honestly have to say that we were impressed, probably the tastiest pizza we have had since our last trip to Italy.  The base was thin and crispy and the toppings were authentic and delicious.  I really liked the choice you had with the toppings, they were not your standard meat feast or Hawaiian but Italian meats and cheeses with options like artichoke and veal. I liked that they had tomato or pesto bases and also the veggie selection was quite good.  Also as they used buffalo mozzarella and sheep’s milk Ricotta on my pizza it didn’t affect my intolerance to cow’s milk.


It was nice to see that it wasn’t just pizza on the menu you could also choose from a selection of small plates if you didn’t fancy pizza and there was a selection of large plates for mains, maybe one day I’ll get round to trying them but I have to work my way through the rest of the pizza menu first.  I would say that it was good value for money, it’s not your run of the mill pizza place, you’re getting great ingredients and an authentically cooked pizza. Our entire bill was £32.80 for 2 pizzas’, a coffee, a draft beer and a sharing bowl of olives, you could spend a lot more than this in a chain venue and it wouldn’t be half as nice

Overall I think this is a great place, its authentic and its reasonably priced the atmosphere is pleasant and relaxed.  I really enjoyed our lunch date there and I’m eager to take our friends one evening with some drinks.  In comparison to what I would say are its competitors (Flour and Ash and Planet Pizza) this place knocks the socks off them for value, taste and venue! Definitely one to try!





Bosco Pizzeria











  • Authentic Ingredients
  • Great Service
  • Central Location