Buttermilk and Maple Opening Evening

We recently attended the opening evening of Buttermilk and Maple, a new restaurant and bar located on Welshback in Bristol city centre. It’s situated opposite The Glass Boat and a spitting distance from Brewdog. 

Looking in from the outside the place looked really stylish and modern which helped build up the excitement, once we were inside it didn’t disappoint!  At the entrance we were given a welcome Margarita cocktail, not a drink that I would normally go for as they’re usually too sour for me but to my surprise it was really tasty, I think this was achieved by the lashings of crushed sea salt decorating the glass.

All the tables at the event were nicely presented and the overall feel of the venue was spacious and comfortable.  In the designated guest area there was a selection of lagers and ciders created by Hobo Beer and Co for us to try.  I hadn’t heard of them before, to be honest the cider wasn’t to my taste, however the lagers were great so we had a few of these to get the night heading in the right/wrong direction.

The cocktail everyone enjoyed the most was made with avocado which may sound like an odd ingredient to put in a cocktail but it really worked and tasted great, it felt like I was drinking a smoothie……maybe this is what people mean when they say you should have a healthy balanced diet!


The drinks menu was extensive and well thought out, I spoke to Daniel, who put the menus together, his vast amount of experience in the industry really shone through. The menu is quite varied and ranges from different kinds of tequilas to a cider that was made in a shed!  We didn’t get to taste all of the tequilas (unfortunately!) but we tried one called the Ocho Highland Single Ranch – another shock, a caramel and pepper flavour sensation – no need for salt and lemon with this one.   

Being an experienced Cider drinker I was eager to give the “shed made” cider a go, it was the right balance of rough but sweet,  a million times better than the Hobo cider I had earlier on in the evening.

St Veep Cider

When it comes to the food we didn’t get to try any items that will be available on the menu.  However, if the appetisers and slider burgers that were on offer around the venue are anything to go by you will not be disappointed.  The menu does sound lovely, it includes a full English breakfast, lobster, burgers and obviously, Buttermilk Pancakes with Maple syrup! We will definitely be returning soon to see if it lives up to expectations.