Dhamaka, Clare Street – Review

Fairly new to the Bristol food scene, Indian restaurant Dhamaka opened its doors on Clare Street Bristol 6 months ago with their fusion menu filled with their take on classic Indian dishes and street food must try’s!

Vibrant colours and contemporary Indian inspired street art feature heavily in the decor of this venue. And it makes them really stand out from the crowd.

The concept is tapas style Indian street food, so lots of small plates to choose from. They include classic street food dishes like the Pani Puri balls and Aloo Tikki Chaat. but they also have a fusion selection to reflect the current trends for Chinese and Mexican food on the streets of India. Love this!

You can also order some traditional curry’s if you aren’t in an adventurous mood.

I would suggest  ordering at least 3 dishes per person if you are choosing from the tapas section. I particularly enjoyed the chicken “katacos” a take on the khati rolls of India and a Mexican taco. They certainly blended Mexican and Indian cuisine together well, a crunchy shell overflowing with kebab meat and salad. Each bite just bursting with flavour.

My husbands favourite dish was the Aloo Tikki Chaat. Not only did this dish look lovely but also tasted just as great. Devoured in seconds…..We could have ordered 10 more of these!

But you must try the Pani Puri balls if you go, such an unusual dish for us in the UK but in India they are extremely popular.

You fill the balls with fragrant water and then straight down the hatch in one go. Expect a Flavour explosion in your mouth! Delicious!

Expert Pani Puri eater!

If you enjoy Indian food I would certainly recommend that you visit this place. A great twist on your standard Indian. Beautifully prepared food that left me feeling like I had experienced something truly  wonderful.

The desserts were also very yummy!