Milk Thistle – Special Cocktail Event

We were recently invited to an event in the Milk Thistle who were showcasing their new beer-cocktail aka hoptail and to introduce the lager ingredient called Budweiser Budvah.

Usually I’m pretty amazing at always being late for things, but for a change I noticed that I was going to be 30 minutes early so I stopped off at Brewdog to grab a cheeky pint on route, I opted for a Punk IPA.

When I eventually arrived at the Milk Thistle I knew the deal having been here a couple of times before… you press a buzzer and then you loiter around outside until you’re greeted by a member of staff, and they let you in….. or not.

I was met with a friendly welcome by the event organiser Rob, from untold agency. An interesting fact that he told me was that although the name of the beer is Budweiser it’s not the popular American beer you may be thinking of, it is in fact a Czech beer and there has been a trademark dispute since 1907. Google it.

My pallet hasn’t quite adjusted to the strong flavours of craft beers so I preferred the smooth taste of the Budvah, it was mentioned that the way they brew it could class them as the world’s largest craft beer producer – probably to make me feel cool, I felt cool, any way it was very moreish and luckily the guys kept them flowing throughout the evening.

Budvah is available in most supermarkets and Lee from Brewers Droop on Gloucester road was talking about stocking it so keep an eye out for that if you want to “keep things local”.

Eventually after a bit of mingling we got to see Richard the mixologist who promised to teach us exactly how to be a bar tender, in 5 minutes, by making his hoptail – Hive Mind.

Rather than adding beer to a drink like a Lagerita or a Snake Bite he wanted to come up with a creation that pulled the tastes and the passion from the Budvah, and I agree it was awesome, as long as you like cloves and slightly sour drinks.

The Hive Mind by Richard at the Milk Thistle

Right now this particular drink is currently on the menu as a special.

Overall it was a great night and I recommend the venue especially if you’ve never been there before, but if you are planning to visit Milk Thistle and grab one of these hoptails then I advise booking or phoning before going as I’ve been turned away more times than actually getting in.

Thanks, Rob, Theo, Richard and Simon, nice to meet you.