Review – Primrose Café, Clifton



The primrose café and bistro in Clifton is one of those places I’ve heard a lot about since I moved to Bristol, it’s been on my list from the start but I’ve never actually got around to going. Until last Saturday when the café we wanted to visit was too busy for us to get a table we wandered over to this place and decided to give it a try. It’s a very small café but I think that’s part of its charm and its nestled into such a quiet the corner of Clifton village which you’d be forgiven for not noticing it if you walked past.


The day menu is full of things I love, full English, eggs in various ways, Belgian waffles etc.…proper brunch stuff.  They also had a nice selection of sandwiches and fresh cakes on offer.  They mention on their menu that there are gluten and dairy free options available too which is always nice to find in a local café.  All orders are placed at the bar, the waiters and waitresses are friendly and chatty and seem to enjoy working there a lot.
I went for smashed avocados on sour dough toast with a poached egg and crumbled goats cheese. (£8.95) my husband went for Eggs benedict (£7.95) we didn’t have to wait long for the food to arrive, it was less than 5 minutes which we both felt was almost a bit too quick which made me feel slightly anxious that we were not going to enjoy it.  However, when placed in front of us we were both impressed with how fancy the presentation was.   Mine more so, it was such a pretty looking dish and I have to be fair, it was really bloody tasty too.  The egg was poached perfectly and the yolk nice and runny, smashed avocado was flavoured well and had a great consistency.  I really enjoyed the goats cheese which was liberally crumbled all over the dish.

My smashed Avocado on sourdough
My smashed Avocado on sourdough


It passed the yolk test!
It passed the yolk test!

My husband said his eggs benedict was possibly the best he’d ever had; he is quite possibly the hardest person to please with food you will ever meet so for him to say that is a huge compliment for this place. The eggs again were poached perfectly and the hollandaise sauce was the perfect consistency and flavour served on top of thickly carved ham and toasted muffins


The eggs benedict was not as pretty, but tasted great anyway
The eggs benedict was not as pretty, but tasted great anyway

We were both really glad we had visited this place although it was a very quick visit we were in and out within half an hour and this seemed to be the way of things in this busy little café but they seem to have found a way to keep up with demand with their extremely quick service.

Primrose cafe and bistro











  • fast service
  • great menu
  • good quality food
  • good flavours


  • a bit rushed
  • very busy venue
  • hard to park