Review – Atomic Diner, City Centre

Atomic burger on Gloucester Rd has been one of my all-time favourite burger joints for many years now.  So, I have been very excited since hearing they were opening a new city centre branch.

It’s a much larger venue, which is great, as the one on Gloucester Rd is quite small and you would often struggle to get a table there unless you booked way in advance.  I was so happy to see they had interpreted all of the quirky features I have come to love from their original venue.  Retro wall paper, action figures and dolls from my childhood randomly placed around the restaurant. This venue has the addition of some arcade machines located in the entrance. Pinball and Donkey Kong, they are in working order so you can have a play whilst waiting for your meals.  I just love this!

just love the game machines they have in the entrance to the new venue
The bar was made of VHS tapes!

Now on to the important stuff, the food….

The menu has a long list of temping burgers and they are full of all fillings every burger lover will enjoy and to my delight they also have a new pizza menu!

Drinks! The truffle shuffle milkshake was incredible!

Although I love pizzas, I just had to have a burger on this occasion.  I went for The Dead Elvis (£11.00) Beef patty, USA cheese, Swiss cheese, bacon and fried onions.  Just to be a real glutton, I added an extra chicken burger on top! (£3.00) It was a very tasty burger.  Perfectly cooked beef patty, the cheese and bacon is a classic combo but put together really well.  For me, adding the chicken in the mix just made it the perfect greedy girls burger.  My choice of side was the Sci Fries which are coated in a chilli & garlic mix.

My Dead Elvis Burger with Sci Fries

My husband went for the McLovin burger (£13.75). 2 Beef patties, double cheese, gherkins and McLovin sauce.  He also went for the Sci Fries.  This looked epic and towered over mine, which lead to me having some serious burger envy!  He said it tasted delicious so I may have to have this one next time.

The McLovin Burger

My niece decided on the Boris Karloff. (£11.50) Basically, the make your own burger.  She had cheddar cheese, pineapple and salsa.  She opted for the sweet potato fries with hers, they looked and tasted great.

The “make your own” burger with sweet potato fries

The pizzas looked pretty yummy too and the toppings all sounded very tempting.  My nieces boyfriend had the Pacman (£7.99).  Just cheese and tomato. (A bit boring, I know!) The base was thin and crispy and it had generous amounts of cheese.  Now what’s not to like about that!

The Pacman Pizza

Atomic Diner











  • Good variety
  • Retro style diner
  • Tasty burgers


  • Tables were small
  • A bit too crammed