Review – Nomu

We were so eager to dine in this Japanese restaurant that the waiter hadn’t finished setting out the placemats or the cutlery, but we were politely greeted and asked to take a seat where we fancied regardless. For that reason, it was quiet, but it certainly didn’t lack atmosphere as the music, lighting and the laid-back staff created a calming feel which made it easy to relax.

We sat opposite the bar from which my boyfriend ordered a Japanese beer called Kirin Ichiban and whilst he isn’t generally fussy, the speed at which he drank it proved that he enjoyed it a lot. Dining before a gig, our first thought was to order an array of different sushi dishes to share to keep it light. However, the extensive menu was far too tempting, and we instead had sushi to start and a main each to follow. We had the Californian rolls which were so full of flavour that I was happy we opted for such a classic. As well as this we had the dynamite rolls which were wrapped in batter, fried and served with a tangy chilli jam, and the crispy duck futomaki. All of which arrived quickly and were huge, so we realised that our eyes were far too big for our tummies considering the evening that we had planned, especially for my boyfriend who had filled up on the wasabi and pickled ginger for the both of us. 

I had been craving a katsu curry so was delighted to find it was on offer. Afraid I was getting too big for my boots, and that I would run out of time as eating rice with chopsticks can be tedious work for an amateur like me, I turned to the knife and fork to eat. I would recommend asking if you’re shy at using the Japanese take on cutlery but giving it ago first can prove to be an interesting table activity! The generous portion arrived shortly after the previous plates were taken and it didn’t fail in satisfying my craving. The crispy chicken was perfectly cooked and dowsed in the tastiest sauce, which was the perfect balance of sweet and salty. It was so filling that I couldn’t manage all of the rice but will be doing so next time for sure! My partner chose the Kai Sen Udon which smelt delicious and the pieces of squid that I tried matched. He made positive comments about the freshness of the dish and polished the lot with no issues at all.   

We both commented on the noticeable difference between the sushi that we’ve eaten previously in Bristol be it restaurant eat in or take away in terms of quality. For this reason, we will be returning in the near future and will bear in mind that they offer deliveries for those evenings where you just want to pig out in your pyjamas. 












  • Atmosphere
  • Foreign beer
  • Quality of food


  • Parking