Review – The Burger Joint

The Burger Joint pride themselves on being present on the scene before burgers became the popular thing to make and eat in Bristol. I’m sure we have all noticed burger-themed restaurants come and go over the past year or so. And if I’m being honest, I’m not surprised as competition is fierce! In my opinion, to thrive you need something original, which I believe The Burger Joint has.

I attended their new menu tasting evening alone and upon arrival to Whiteladies Road I feared that I had turned up to the wrong venue (Bedminster being their second). This is due to the busy outside tables and entrance to the restaurant. Instead I noted their impressive ability to multitask and moved towards the back where other food enthusiasts were seated.

I have eaten at The Burger Joint on one other occasion and was not disappointed. If you’re unfamiliar with the process, you’ll notice that it’s a unique one. You are given a piece of paper with an almost overwhelming amount of choices, ranging from type of patty to toppings and sauces. You can even choose your bun. The possibilities are endless! It is accompanied by a pencil and check boxes; so, you can take as long as you desire to create your masterpiece.

This didn’t differ from our experience that evening, but we were given the opportunity to try bits from their new menu first. As well as a few additions to the main menu, the biggest difference to their range is the addition of their new extensive vegan and vegetarian menu. It’s safe to say that those who aren’t meat-lovers will not feel forgotten about at this joint, which is a rarity for a burger establishment. With 6 patty options for veggies and two for vegans, the toppings and sauce options still provide you with the opportunity to create a completely unique to you, and delicious meal.

I was pleasantly surprised by the warmth and kindness of the staff who I encountered. They were polite, warm and welcoming to everyone, invited or otherwise. As well as this, the company on each table made the atmosphere all the more enjoyable.

As previously stated, the range of options can make it difficult to decide what to order. So, if you’re not fancying anything in particular, I’d suggest either picking your favourite ingredients or following a theme, like I did. It might not tickle everybody’s fancy, but I went for a breakfast theme. It consisted of a beef patty, a hash brown and black pudding, accompanied with baconnaise and English mustard. Each component was intended to imitate a classic ingredient from a cooked English breakfast. I knew that I was taking a risk when choosing such a strange mixture, but it paid off and was incredible!

Next to me was an individual who chose to add pineapple and guacamole to her beef patty. Even I was apprehensive to her decision but on arrival it looked delicious and she finished the lot!

I would urge everybody to try The Burger Joint as there is truly something for everyone. Also take a step out of your comfort zone as well, you will not regret it!