Turtle Bay – Rum Master Class

Rum has fast  become my new favourite drink of the summer. Diet Coke with a slice of lemon would be my usual go to mixer and I have always opted for a Captain Morgan (spiced if I’m feeling adventurous). Well all that has changed since visiting the Turtle Bay Rum Master Class last week as part of their summer sound clash event

When we arrived we were treated to a rum cocktail by our host Olli to get us in the mood to learn all about the journey of rum through the Caribbean.


For the next hour we were taken on visual experience, tasting different rums from islands across the Caribbean all with unique flavours. We learned that these differences in tastes are due to the sugar canes that make the rum coming from different islands! We actually got to try some sugar cane as well! 


I particularly loved that each rum we tasted came with an accompaniment that enhanced the flavour, such as cristalised orange or ginger cake!



To top it all off we shared a beautiful platter of food. 

The calamari went down particularly well with the group as did the ribs that were just so tender they just fell off the bone!

It was a good selection on each platter that we were told could be tailored to your tastes! 

Needless to say we devoured the lot and it most certainly helped to soak up the rather generous measures of rum that were poured during the rum class!

Overall this was a really fun experience from start to finish. Loved the visual aids and the use of edible props was a lovely touch. Olli was a great host and clearly very passionate about the rums he was showing us, he explained everything so well and I have definitely come away feeling like I want to try more rums and expand on that experience!

Visit the Turtle Bay website or follow them on insta for news about future classes.